I Went to see Catherine for depression and anxiety for the first time back in June 2021 and had my final session today (September 2021). She has really helped me a lot and is very understanding and has a very friendly approach making it a lot easier to speak about things. I would really recommend her if you have any similar issues with anxiety etc, it really has worked and couldn’t thank her enough!!



“Catherine is brilliant. I’ve seen Catherine four times now and it’s incredible how much she has helped me. In our sessions/appointments, it’s a mixture of talking and hypnotherapy. I was extremely nervous when I first started my sessions. There is definitely a “taboo” around therapy in general and particularly a level of scepticism and misunderstanding about hypnotherapy. I won’t lie, I went in a little sceptical to begin with and incredibly nervous to open up as I’ve never been very good at opening up in the past and have never been able to find the right person/outlet to do so. I initially went to see Catherine about some difficult anxiety which had developed and it’s incredible how much she has helped me through this and the positive changes I (and others around me) have seen in myself. Through the talking as well, I have definitely been able to open up and see new ways of approaching and seeing things. I will 100% continue to see Catherine and would definitely recommend her. She has a very warm and caring nature about her; whilst also being understanding, open and direct (in a good way). I want to say a huge thank you and I look forward to continuing our journey together.”

“I contacted Catherine earlier this year after losing a parent which in turn brought back an eating problem. I was stressed and tired and lost my “joie de vivre”. Catherine was amazing, after 3 sessions I felt as if I had my life back. Calm, collected and professional I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough as a clinical Hypnotherapist.”


“Prior to contacting Catherine, I suffered a large amount of anxiety and fear when flying, but after two sessions of hypnotherapy with Catherine I felt much more confident and at ease and was able to fly the following week feeling much better. I cannot recommend Catherine enough.”


“I’m so happy and it’s also been great as for the first time ever, it hasn’t felt like hard work. I’ve decided to delay my 5th and final session today towards the back end of September in the hope that I can observe if I have any bad habits remaining and try rid these too.”

“4 weeks today since I had my first hypnotherapy appt. And just over another 3 weeks to go until my 5th and final.”

“I would like to say the biggest thank you to Catherine Lewak at Catherine Lewak Clinical Therapist… she helped me with some severe anxiety at the back end of last year and now has helped me with my bad habits with eating and weight loss… I am so thankful to her and highly highly recommend her… I will do a full review and breakdown at the end of September after a week of my final hypnotherapy session!”


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