“the thoughts that we have
create the reality that we live;
change our thoughts, change the reality ”

This quote captures the essence of how hypnotherapy can assist people who suffer from a range of issues which include low self-esteem. Confidence is a reflection of how we see ourselves; if only we could change our thoughts about ourselves, we could have a positive impact on our confidence. The way we think about ourselves (in fact the way we think about the world) is held in our subconscious and this is why it is often difficult for us to access it on our own.

Low self-esteem is challenging for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest issues is that its effects can often be visible. People will notice if you exhibit low self-esteem, and can associate negative assumptions about your behaviour. So, colleague workers, bosses, customers and clients can assume someone who exhibits low self-esteem in a negative light. There appears to be a general (prejudicial) assumption that low self-esteem goes hand in hand with incompetence and laziness. This of course can and often does have an effect on a person’s prospects at work and in general life.

Hypnotherapy can help by providing the tools to help us access our subconscious mind and reframe the image we hold there of ourselves to something more positive and thus generate that feeling of confidence. I have helped many people change their self-image view and as a consequence their life inside and outside of work changes for the better.

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